Tuesday, 8 November 2011


I've been on quite a number of roadtrips these past few months. I am not a big fan of road trips, and to be honest, it's because being in a car for hours does not give me fulfillment for my day, my hair and skin goes pretty oily and gross and I ALWAYS get sick after coming home from one. But anyways, they really are a must-experience, for one thing is the views along the way. Roadtrips are never complete without capturing a simple photograph along the road, postcard styles.

Regina to Estevan. (August)

Swiftcurrent to Regina. (August)

Vancouver to Washington, USA. (September)

One thing I loved about Washington, the tree's are so giant, fresh and beautiful.

Regina to Estevan (October)

Estevan to Dakota, USA. (November)

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