Thursday, 16 June 2011

break the rules -- clash them prints.

Clashing Prints -- Mixed vertical/horizontal striped vintage top (its actually a dress from my mothers earlier days, she gave it to me and i did the silliest thing of cutting its length for a friends 18th party - cut it way too short, so made it into a shirt instead :( pity,  because it was such a nice dress.)
--Tiny-checkered high waist pants
-- Thin black/dark-brown belt wouldve also looked good with this look. to divide the two prints.

Keep your accessories simple, if you think you're outfit already stands out.

"Tony Bianco" Peep toe heels.

Modern vintage blues.

All items found/picked up from local Op shops. (except for belt, socks and hat)
Big ass fan of Op shops!!

Vintage Floral Over-sized Blouse,
Skinny Plain Brown belt dividing the prints,
 Checkered high waist jean short-shorts.

-- dont be afraid to clash prints,
you can divide the prints using a plain belt in between so the prints are visibly separated
Short brimmed Hat (from Sportsgirl)
-- Staple hats, dark; can be worn all year round.

Make love to the high waist!

Slater back dress (Bargained from the markets)
-- always a good alternative to over-accessorizing with jewellery.

"Corfu Jeans" Red high waist jeans (from the local Op Shop)
-- Colours!

Woven Oxfords (from the local Op shop)

-- these are currently my faves!
go with any outfit, and the detailing, design is quite unique. eek :)

Thin blinged tie up (from Rubi)
-- It's always good to experiment; DIY and use whatever you can tie up and fit around your waist, as belts.

Hello, all the way from Melbourne, Australia.

One of my favourite things to do in my spare time, is dress up; I put an outfit on which i feel effortlessly confident and comfortable in, and my self esteem just shoots up 100% again. Ciao loveys x

My name is Armielyn Martin. Im from Melbourne, Australia. Im a Filipina lady, 17 years of age. 18 this year. Im indecisive. Im still at this stage in life where Im trying to figure everything out, how everything works, who I am. I've lived in 8 cities, majority in Australia, been to 8 different schools. I think you should know so, because it's a big part of my life; travelling, moving, and everything in between is what makes me who i am and what i am to become.