Monday, 7 November 2011

A day of answered prayers.

I was hoping I would be better for Saturday's Grand Evangelical Mission for our church. I was chosen to be a receptionist rather than perform my duty in the choir, considering I'm an "english-speaker". (Majority of people in my locale are "tagalog-speakers", so they needed my help) I was chucking dumps the past 5 days like 5 times a day :\ and they werent your normal dumps, nahh mean? ..anyways I'd prayed I'd get better by GEM. I happened to get better that afternoon, surprisingly, and thankfully.

Well, It was definitely a successful GEM. Our locale has a serial number of 189. We managed to invite 244. Amazing work of efforts, prayers with all help from God.

I also got to meet the sexy brown boy I've been eyeing, and had a good chat with him. He's pretty gentlemanly and charming, but didnt seem really interested nor devoted in church activities by what i eavesdropped him saying to his brother. But Im glad I got to see his true light, now I dont have to keep obsessing over him. I finally also had this overwhelming sense of belonging within the kadbins. Its hard enough communicating with them when they speak tagalog and get all awkward or cautious when I'm around. But tonight was different, with the efforts i usually make to get to know some of them, they finally approached me.

I also heard that in the past 5 years it has started snowing in October. Our GEM on November 5, it still hadn't snowed. Right after everything was finished, and everyone would've been at home, 11:30pm, it started snowing. Our prayers were truly heard and answered. Now to enjoy the beautiful snow. Thank you God, on behalf of the locale and I.

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