Saturday, 8 October 2011

10/08/1. Crazy rambler.

( gotta get used to writing the month before the day 10/08/11) #TransitionFromAustralianToCanadian

Anywayssss. Hullo, hullo. This looks so uncoordinated and messy, but oh well.

My brother took these photos,
Went down town today, again. Wait, is it a noun, Downtown? or is it 2 separate words to simply indicate that you're going "down town" ..slash going "City", which is what we call it in Australia. (If you dont know already, my family and I moved from Australia a little more than 2 months ago.) We livin' in Regina, Saskatchewan. OH YEAH! representingggg Regina, yes, pronounced like vagina, but with an R. no vag jokes please goiiiiz.. LOL. dont get me started. But seriously, I guess i got used to not being so immature about it and cracking a joke every once in a while, because people here just dont get it -_-" I feel like a child though when I hear "regina" and my conscience is being all dirty talk about it hahaha. Shut up, listen up, trust me, I'm a mature, sophisticated, young lady with elegance and class. *sarcasm intended* In all seriousness though, I do try to be, i mean, i have to be, cmon. Actually rephrase --- I am that, occasionally.. lol but really I'm utterly graced with an ambience of imprudency? aka being a total silly goose. hmph, makes me miss home #Australia. I miss my friends, who I could be absolutely imprudent around. It just seems like everything is different here, even Canadian's sense of humour. But considering, I havnt really encountered a variety of Canadians, I could be very biased about that. Anyways I like difference, I like having that grasp of "new"... experiencing and observing different people and their lifestyles. Moving around a lot has allowed me to speculate on the beauty in all things new, and in differences. :)

(Is it just me.. or did I kinda transition from one topic to the next so fast and so many times in that last paragraph?)

Anyways, so went down town today with my not so little brother. He was off school, so he decided to spend the day with me, nawwiess! No, really, he just wanted to shop, just cause he knows I have money and it's his birthday soon. -_-" no, but really, we've been having lots of bonding time together, since we're not really "close" to anyone here yet. I mean, in all honesty, dont get me wrong, everyone is super nice and approachable, but yeah, i dno, just most of them aren't really our crowd.. or we're not their crowd :\ ergh anyways, WE. ARE. ALL. GOOD. AND. GET. ALONG. FINE. period? (why is that all in capitals..zz ceebs re-doing) Shop-hopping, one store to the other, browsing for anything my brother would consider wanting for his birthday. And there was shoes, hats, jackets, khaki pants.. yeah you get the point, he's into all that "what to wear stuff".. whadya call it -- "CLOTHES".. right. hehe.. had to think about that :\ lol settle down guys, my mind's going woohoo (somewhere else). There was this store we went into a week ago. Last week, they had this Miami Heat jersey that he was eyeing - last one too. But we didnt have that much money that day, because I left my wallet at church. The things is, I went out and bought it a couple days ago without him knowing. I'm waiting for his bday to give it to him. We went into the store today, and so he's oblivious to the fact I've bought it. He's lookin' for it, and is totally shatteredddd that it's not there anymore.

So yeah cant wait to give it to him, with the rest of his presents! or present? no plural? mm we'll see how generous I am.. haha but come on, the shoes he wanted was $74.99. Oh, but I'm willing be generous. He deserves it anyway, no matter how much we fight, agh. he. is. so. disrespectful. sometimes. Lets not go there! buahah. I shall be off then, I've written a load of pointless chitter chatter. But eh, I'll look back at this one day and be like, "oh dayummmm girl ;)...... ergh you're such a poser :\". I got church bright and early tomorrow as well.

Props to you if you read this far into the post. YOU. ARE. WEIRD. kidding kidding. You're pretty Legend!Thank you heaps! Good night. Have a good day. Whatever may be relevant :)

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