Thursday, 6 October 2011

Cheers to better skin.

Hair tied, chilling with no makeup on. Usually I'd say "yuck.. never"
But cheers to skin that's recovering.
I can honestly say I've suffered from acne.
It wasnt so bad before I started using Proactiv last April, 2011
But After using it, I didnt know that all that junk that lies underneath the skin would just shoot up.
(which i found out was part of the healing process)
And I was devastated and depressed because I thought Proactiv ruined my skin. It was horrible, dont ask. Been there, thought it was the end of the world. LOL, nah but it's a selfesteem killer, i know.
I found out my skin was really sensitive to the product, so I was adviced to reduce the usage to 3 days a week, rather than every day. I used other products to use instead, taking into consideration that I have Combination skin.
The bumps reduced as time went by, and eventually my skin cleared up from break outs.
Im just living with the dark spots now, but theyre slowly disappearing. very slowly lol.

Know your skin guys. As long as you figure out what works for your skin then you're on the right track :)

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